At the internet you will find the best sex toys and naughty lingerie in the market etc. There are all fetish products for your specific fetish. If you are for example penis and clitoris pumps and pumps, then you have come to the right place. These clamps and pumps come in many different types, shapes and materials. Common to all of them is high quality and functionality. It can be incredibly annoying to use, for example, breast clips, for both women and men. You can also expand your sexual horizon with pumps that create a stirring vacuum such as a nipple pump or clitoris pump. The vacuum conducts blood into your particularly erogenous zones, which increases sensitivity and gives you a great feeling. Let yourself get excited, irritated and stimulated with the breast clamps.

Nipple clamps

The nipples can be some of the most sensitive on people and especially the woman. Therefore, it is important that you make some considerations when choosing a fetish breast clamp. These considerations should be made first and foremost about yourself, are you at all into pain and SM. Of course, there are different breast clamps. You will find both cheap breast clips and better quality clamps. However, it has no difference to say in relation to the strength or force of the breast clamp or breast tang relative to the level of pain. That is why it is important that you try quietly at first in relation to clamps to the breasts and especially clamps to the nipples. That goes for both women and men of course. You can get many different kinds of breast clamps. You will be able to get clamps called c-clamps which is an adjustable breast clamp that can give you a larger surface when you brush the breasts with them. This can ease the pain, you will also experience being able to adjust the nipple clamps yourself. There are also adjustable swivel clamps for breasts and nipples that are also good for the beginner in SM.

These are two very different things and must therefore be treated in different ways.

The classic sham lipstick is just like the one from official site of clamps. Here it is all about spreading the pubic lips, making it easier to get to the clitoris. This type of pubic spread is excellent for example oral sex. This type of product is absolutely excellent for oral sex as your hands may be elsewhere. For example, they can be used for vaginal stimuli, anal stimuli or breast stimuli.

This kind of spreader also stimulates the g-spot inside, by having two protrusions that stimulate inside.

Several types of pubic spreads

The other kind of pubic spread that is typically presented is the one with clamps. These models are typically of a slightly more Fetish / BDSM nature, with a focus on pain elements. Some of the models are made as g-strings, so it is intended that you or your partner can wear them out of the house, thus adding a public element to your BDSM game. The annoying thing about this type of pubic spread is that not only does it cause a pain element, it also allows for direct stimulation of the clitoris, for example it can be a pair of tight-fitting jeans or the like. These can do wonders and make sure that a regular trip out shopping can be a cheeky experience.

In this type of shameless spreaders, it is also important to note that some of them have a stimulus string as “bottom” in the g string that a pearl chain provides clitoral stimuli.

What do you feel?

In the story with clamps, this is like a long kiss, on the verge of pain, if you pull them off, but the fact that the zone will be in constant tension is 1OO percent, and in tandem with sex it is wonderful!

Clitoris, it’s hard to describe here. Not that it’s strange, but in a completely different way when the clamp is on you, and in parallel, sex occurs. It is as if from additional tension becomes even more sensitive. Orgasms will be deeper, they have a completely different shade. You need to be prepared for this, the girl’s clip even slips out of the habit, they don’t understand how to fix it.

The secret is to put it on yourself, and not to apply any lubricant to the mucous membrane. That there was a tight contact.

Clips also serve as a way to diversify intimate life.

The look of a woman with jewelry on her chest turns on a man insanely. Someone looks in the direction of decorative clips, miniature vacuum pads, someone in the direction of the rings, someone in the safe pestis, but lovers who are hotter confidently head to the section of bdsm-clips for nipples.

If your pair of those who are bolder, nipple clamps, you cannot stop there.

Whole for sale sets that are connected by chains of clips for the chest and clitoris, as well as individual clitoral clips, clips, which actually look very elegant and elegant.

Types of Clips

Pumps (suction cups)

Full-fledged, or miniature vacuum stimulants, varying in size – some are suitable for full breasts, others – only for nipples.

They work, like other pumps, on pumping air, the blood rushes, at the exit you get small changes in size, and interesting sensations.

Pumps are available for both the chest and clitoral-vaginal.

(You can also say about pumps for a member, but about them another time, they have a slightly different purpose!)


One of the softest, easiest and safest stimulants. There are both for the chest and for the clitoris.

Most often they are made of steel or metal, with plastic or rubber tips on top, so as not to injure the delicate skin of the intimate organs (which is much stronger).

The most banal thing – unclench, squeeze, done.

In the middle is a spring, the distance between the ends of the jewelry, as well as pressure on the chest – vary. Clips are most often a decoration, yes. You should pay attention to them, if you do not need tin, you want to indulge.

The last of the common types that will be presented here is a so-called y-chain. That is to say, this chain is shaped like a Y where it goes from the breasts down to the clitoris. Where the previous panty model was a gentle introduction to BDSM, this model is over here it is as much about pain as it is enjoyment. Why these models will probably be described as one for the slightly practiced. Aside from the clamps that we have mentioned, you can also check this collection for more options.